Carlos the Rollerblader Will Answer Life's Big Questions, On Portland's Newest Advice Hotline

Seeking some sage advice but don’t have the budget for professional therapy?

Seeking some sage advice but don't have the budget for professional therapy? Say no more, we got you, fam.

You may have spotted flyers around town offering "FREE ADVICE* and other things too" from Carlos the Rollerblader. Carlos' services come with the disclaimer that the advice is "of varying quality based on whether or not Carlos has visited Taco Bell recently."

The idea is for people to reach out to Carlos (who declined to share their last name) with their issues and for them to hone their interpersonal skills.

"I eventually want to be a voice actor," they tell WW. "I really love talking on the phone and making genuine connections with people."

The young rollerblading Portlander describes the flyer as "endearing, but silly," which is why they think people have been reluctant to call about serious topics. "They can have a serious inquiry, or a silly one and I'm gonna answer it as best I can. Perhaps with time, people will really get some stuff off their chest," Carlos says.


In addition to free advice, the flyer also features a section offering "other things too" which include:

"wen u can't figure out how to put the idea thing together"

"wen u r very drunk but don't wanna to text your ex"

"wen u wanna call mom/daddy but they voted for Orange"

For some seriously silly advice you can reach out at: (971) 266-0299.

Be advised call times are limited to 30 mins and can be placed between 4pm-8pm daily.

Slide into Carlos' DM's @carloscollective on the gram.

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