Portlander Made a Robot That Literally Burns All of Trump's Tweets

He also created other brilliant creations like the Penis Drawing Machine, the Oreo Separator and the Dog Shit Selfie Tumblr.

The greatest new anti-Trump Twitter account is simply video after video of a machine that prints out Donald Trump's tweets, and burns them.

The hero engineer behind the account is an Amsterdam-based engineer named David Neevel, who's originally from Portland.

"Burning each tweet allows people to acknowledge the tweet's existence and perform a small ritual of dismissal of it," he told NBC last month.

The Twitter bio simply reads: "Giving Trump's tweets the attention they deserve."

Each video is 26 seconds long, and shows a small robotic machine printing a small piece of paper, almost like a receipt with Trump's tweets, word for word. A pair of scissors then snips the paper, while another arm of the machine takes it, and carries it over to a cigarette lighter, which burns it up. The final act is dropping the burned tweet into an ashtray.

Each tweet reads: ."@ I burned your tweet."

Neevel, who used to work for Wieden+Kennedy, also gave an interview with Slate about the Trump-talk immolator, where he explained how the device works.

"Every 15 seconds, it looks on Twitter for a new tweet from Trump, and if it finds that, then that's the trigger," he told Slate. "Now, what it does is it sends me an email and lets me know it has a tweet that it's ready to burn. And then I get to it as soon as I can. When I was testing it, I would have it go automatically. It would find a tweet, and turn itself on and burn it. But until I have a really fireproof place to keep it, I wanna have some eyes on it while it's setting fires."

Asked why his robot has become popular, Neevel waxes a little philosophical.

"I think people are looking for a way to acknowledge this [political situation] without it being totally disheartening and discouraging, and I think this is a way of doing that," he tells Slate. "The realities of what's going on are pretty rough, but completely shutting down and turning it off doesn't feel right, either. So some middle ground of still being aware and still keeping a sense of humor is a nice place to find if we can."

The interview, worth reading in its entirety, is here.

Neevel also created other brilliant creations like the Penis Drawing Machine, the Oreo Separator and the Dog Shit Selfie Tumblr.

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