Flying to cities more hip than Portland just got even easier.

Soon, you'll be able to fly non-stop to both New York City and Detroit from Portland on Alaska Airlines, who will begin offering daily flights to and from the cities this summer and fall.

Look at their cute little video!

While there are plenty of nonstop flights to JFK on other airlines, there isn't a non-stop flight on Alaska.

And there isn't a year-round non-stop flight to Detroit. Delta Airlines operates a nonstop flight on a seasonal basis from PDX to Detroit, but not from Jan 2  through March 8.

Beginning August 30, you'll be able to fly from PDX to Detroit daily, non-stop, departing at 10:30 pm and arriving at 5:30 am. Going back the other way, you'll be able to leave Detroit at 7am and arrive in Portland at 8:45 am.

And beginning November 6, a daily Alaska Airlines flight will depart from Portland at 11:05 pm and arrive in New York City at 7:30 am. A daily flight from JFK to PDX will leaving New York City at 9:30 am and arriving in Portland at 12:55pm.

Anyway, now's probably a good time to start planning your airport bar crawl.