The latest pink and purple concoction from Starbucks has the world hyped.

But so far, it's proved to be aggravating to baristas, sickeningly sweet and wholly lacking a unicorn shadow.

One Starbucks barista, who requested their name be withheld, told us it's "literally so many steps and ingredients" and that once it was announced, "everyone was like 'I'm putting in my two weeks.'"

The process takes seven steps, which includes scooping pink powder, and circling "the inside of the cup once around the top with the Sour Blue Drizzle Premix."

It's supposed to look swirly, like this:

Here's what ours looked like:


Whatever; it's only at Starbs until next Saturday. If you like things like Trix cereal served in strawberry milk, then I highly recommend it. Otherwise—be kind to your barista.