Take A Look at the Designs for the Awesome Lloyd Center Renovation

Lloyd Center is already Portland's best mall. But it's about to get even better.

The best shopping mall in the Pacific Northwest is about to get even cooler.

Renderings posted by Next Portland on Monday reveal a look at the Lloyd West Anchor, the building that formerly held Nordstrom, until the company closed the store in 2015.

When Nordstrom closed, they sold the space to Cypress Equities, who owns the rest of the mall. In the past year, the company has made major renovations to the mall, including a new ice rink and new Macy's entrance, which is still under construction.

The East Anchor building will be renovated for multiple businesses, including a new 14-screen theater. Sears currently occupies the space, but sold to Cypress Equities in November 2016.

Plans for the West Anchor include exterior work so that storefronts will face the existing plaza, new canopies, a new mall entry, closing the old entry and filling it instead with a retail space.

Take a look at the renderings from Waterleaf Architecture, Interiors & Planning and 505 Design.

A second Design Advice hearing was held this week, where Commissioner Julie Livingston suggested the designers make changes to the plaza to more clearly show whether it's intended for private or public use.

"It needs to take a firmer position about whether it's public and part of the neighborhood, or it's private and part of the mall," she said. "I think in terms of achieving the guidelines it should be more public, and it should perform more like the other outdoor spaces in the neighborhood do."

The design will go through another design review in order to gain approval.

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