The universe has spoken, and it's not happy with The Donald.

If you managed to nab a pair of those elusive yet stylish eclipse glasses, you probably noticed the moon blocked out the sun yesterday. For most of us, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But for the astrologically inclined, the eclipse had much broader implications.

Tony Howard, an astrologer at Portland's Astroraven Astrology, says that an eclipse typically "signals a turning point in world events." In this case, the eclipse was the universe's wake-up call to none other than Donald Trump.

Turns out our president's astrological transits are all out of whack.

"There have been events that call into question his behavior and choices," Howard told WW. "The eclipse…put it in his face. It means there are definite changes in Trump's chart."

Howard pointed to the events of the past week—during which Trump defended neo-Nazi's and dissolved several of his presidential councils—as evidence of the universe's effect on the president. "He has to take responsibility," he says. "Astrology-wise, you could predict there's more to come with him."

In case you're wondering, Trump's a Gemini. It makes perfect sense, considering Gemini's "love to talk" and can be really "wishy-washy" with their decisions, according to But don't worry; he still has the best words.

Hopefully almost-complete darkness for just over a minute is enough to turn Trump around. In the meantime, he can continue looking directly at the sun.