Portland’s Strip Club Haunted House Will Return in 2017

This year's theme is Playboy Mansion. And there's a beer garden.

Portland's Strip Club Haunted House started as an X-rated one-off way to celebrate Halloween. Two years later, it's still going strong.

The 3rd Annual Strip Club Haunted House—courtesy of adult entertainment mogul DJ Dick Hennessy—will open for Halloween weekend at Spyce Gentlemen's Club. The theme? Dick Hefner's Haunted Strip Club Mansion.

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You probably have questions. So did we, so we spoke directly to DJ Dick about his latest ghoulish creation.

So, you've got a theme this year.

We do. The theme is that I'm Dick Hefner, and I obviously have a mansion and a bunch lovely young ladies in the mansion. I've lived a long, fruitful life, and I suffer a heart attack and die unexpectedly during an intercourse session with a young lady. All the ladies in the house freak out. Some of them genuinely care about my well-being, others…I didn't write them in my will yet, and they're concerned about the money, and other ulterior motives. So they freak out and they decide to do a seance with a ouija board to try and contact and communicate with me to get closure.

While they do that dance, they inadvertently open a portal to Hell, where demons and things from Hell overrun the mansion and take over. That's essentially where the haunted house begins.

Do you have different rooms in the house with demonic scenarios?

Absolutely. We have the grotto, like an outdoor room. We have the bar, a library-type study, dining room, a bunch of different rooms actually. All with with a different "mansion" feel to them, and a different situation occurring in them.

Why this theme?

The last couple themes, we really hit it on the nail. I feel like I really have my finger on the pulse of what people in Portland are interested in and into, and absolutely I feel they're into going to mansions and celebrities, things of that nature. We're kind of starved to that in Portland, in a way, so I'm trying to bring that to Portland and I think people will really appreciate it.

Last year I was going through [Spyce] and brainstorming a concept that would work this year, and I realized that we have a lot of decorations and things separating from the actual interior of the upstairs of the club, and normally it looks like we have the furniture and the fixtures and everything. It's almost like the inside of an old mansion. I figured it wouldn't be too far fetched, it wouldn't be too much of a jump to actually turn it into a mansion and create each room. It was almost halfway done already.

Will there be booze?

Yeah. We are in contact with the city right now, waiting on approval to have an outdoor beer garden on the Friday and Saturday of the event. Those are obviously the busiest nights. They're all pretty busy according to the last couple years, but especially busy on Friday and Saturday. So our goal is to have an outdoor covered drinking area where you can wait in line and have a couple beverages. We're also gonna have some entertainment out there to just keep people excited and entertained while they wait in line. The wait times for the line last year got a little outlandish. Last year [the lines] were around the block, multiple nights.

How has your reception been?

It's been amazing. I mean, it makes sense because when I first came up with the concept of a strip club haunted house, I knew that it would be a popular, good idea. The fact that we're actually doing it, and we're executing it and we're doing it in a really professional way, in my opinion it's getting better and better every year. And we're taking a lot of time and just fine-tuning everything. It catches a lot of people off guard sometimes, just the caliber of the house and the quality of the makeup and the themes. We're just getting a lot of positive feedback on that and honestly I haven't heard any negative feedback at all.

Go: DJ Dick Hennessy's Strip Club Haunted House at Spyce Gentleman's Club, Wed, Oct. 25–Tuesday, Oct. 31. 9 pm, 33 NW 2nd Ave., $15 admission, $25 VIP.

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