Seriously, clean out your storm drains—there's a lot more rain on the way.

The National Weather Service is predicting two inches for the Portland-area from early Saturday morning through Sunday night. As of today, it's rained 1.9 inches in the entire month of October so far.

The Gorge and Coast Range could see as much as six inches of rain.

The National Weather Service says the rain will come in batches. They are predicting Portland will see some rain tomorrow morning, another period of heavy rain Saturday night into Sunday morning and showers Sunday evening.

"It's a pretty significant amount of rain. This isn't a common rainstorm. It's going to be pretty heavy at times," says meteorologist Andy Bryant. "The type of day where we would see a lot of street flooding and creeks in the area, that would be typically 2-3 inches. That's not impossible with this weekend's rain, especially with all of the leaves on the trees still and the fact that in addition to the rain, we'll have windy conditions Saturday afternoon."

Bryant says that in addition to clearing out storm drains, to avoid driving into large areas of pooled water.

"It's one thing if its a roadside puddle, but large areas of ponded water, especially if its flowing. it's not a good idea to drive through. You can't see what the road looks like. You think there's a road there and maybe there is, maybe there isn't."

Next week, the National Weather Service is predicting a few dry days and much calmer conditions.