Mass murderer Charles Manson died yesterday at the way-too-old age of 83, which means the '60s are finally, truly over.

To commemorate the moment, Voodoo Doughnut decided to memorialize Manson the same way it's paid tribute to cultural icons like Malcolm Young of AC/DC and Portland music legend Fred Cole—by making him into a doughnut.

Last night, Voodoo tweeted a photo of a doughnut bearing Manson's image, with his signature crazy-eyes and an "x" conspicuously replacing the swastika he had tattooed on his forehead, and the words "Charles Manson 1934-2017."

The pastry-based glorification of a man who ordered the murders of five people 48 years ago did not go over well on the internet.

After taking down the initial tweet, Voodoo reposted the doughnut with a clarification: "Not celebrating. Villains die too." After that failed to stop them from getting ratioed, they deleted it for good, though it lives on in the screen shots of those who thought this might happen.

Voodoo declined to comment for this story.