Remember Goat Yoga? Well, Now There’s a “Goatel”

It’s the world’s first goat destination vacation.

A year ago, news of Lainey Morse's farmyard 'goat yoga' lit up national news sites.

The yoga practice has grown into a franchise, with 12 different studios and farms across the nation now offering the chance to stretch amongst frolicking goats.

This month, Morse announced that she's also opening a "Goatel" in Corvallis.

According to the Goatel Facebook page, the new retreat center will offer goat therapy, goat happy hour, goat team bonding and goat slumber parties.

The Oregonian first reported on the B&B's opening—noting that retreats will take place on weekends at the Hanson Country Inn, and that the innkeeper is building a barn and buying baby goats.

"The Goatel Retreat Center is a place for you to disconnect from stress, depression or illness and find your inner calm and recharge," Morse wrote on the Goatel Facebook page. "Come and find your peace, your calm and your joy for a weekend or just for a few hours."

According to Morse this will be the world's first goat destination vacation. The Goatel won't officially open until this summer, but interested parties can start booking weekend reservations now.