It's Thursday. And yes, we are "throwing it back."

Normally, retired Willamette Week content is sent to a basement room aptly referred to as "The Morgue" to lay dormant for decades. The Morgue's stacks of old newspapers and photos are rarely plundered, but there are some hidden gems in the crypt of Portland yore.

Take, for example, the file of black and white photos titled, "Nightlife – clubs/dancing," filled with incredible photos of 1990s Portland ravers and karaokers. There aren't a lot of clues as to exactly where and when the photos were taken, apart from a scribbled, "Rave, 3/30/96, 9th and Couch," on the back of a few snaps.

For the rest, the clothing was a pretty good clue as to the era.

See for yourself. The denim game was strong: