I woke up half expecting to see a Christmas tree in my living room this morning. It's almost March and there are almost 5 INCHES of snow on the ground.

The bad news is road conditions are still shit. Which means you might have been given a snow day from work or school. Or maybe you took the day off to frolic and make snowpeople. Or maybe you're reading this from an office, dreading the trudge back home.

Whatever your situation—you are probably taking photos. And we want to see them!

It's our first annual February Snowpocalypse photo contest.

Does your dog like to eat snowballs? Take a photo! Got a kid making snow angels in your front yard? Snap that shot. Piles of white outside have you wanting to curl up with a book and never leave home? We want to see that too.

And if you were up for an icy sunrise? We especially want to see that.

From now until the end of the day, you can send your winning photos to: eherron@wweek.com. We'll seriously deliberate, judge, decide on our favorites and publish them in a "Best Of Spring Snow" blog post tomorrow.

Winners take home fame, glory and $60 in gift certificates to the Mississippi Pizza Pub. Plus a 10-pack of TriMet passes to get there.

Because who wants to drive in this weather?