Fifty Licks Is Handing Out Free Ice Cream to ICE Protesters For the Second Day in a Row

"It's almost 100-degrees out, so hopefully this is a morale booster."

For the second day in a row, Fifty Licks Ice Cream has parked its truck in front of the Portland U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters, handing out free scoops to protesters.

Matt Willis, the Fifty Licks employing helming the truck today, says "Our company decided that since we don't have the time to be out here, like these wonderful folks, we're going to contribute what we can. And we make really good ice cream."

Fifty Licks owner, Chad Draizin, says Willis also "declined to be paid for his time today."

"It's almost 100-degrees out," Willis says, "so hopefully this is a morale booster."

Along with the six flavors displayed on Fifty Licks sign today were the words, "No Fasci$ts."

Protesters have been camped out at the ICE headquarter building since Sunday. Occupiers present said they don't plan on vacating any time soon.

Draizin says the truck will be making appearances as often as possible.

"We still have a business to run and the truck is booked at lots of events," Draizin says. "We're taking things a day at a time."

"It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, not a planned-out campaign," he continues. "The response and attention we've received has been unexpected and we hope that it will bring more people out to demonstrate."

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