When determining the ideal public restroom, there are many factors to consider: environment, amenities, cleanliness, privacy, lighting and, of course, overall odor.

Rarely do you find one in America that checks all these boxes—which is why, after visiting Japan a few years ago and sitting on one of its toilets for the first time, my life was forever changed. I've been chasing that feeling ever since—and I finally caught it at a small restaurant in Northeast Portland. Izakaya Kichinto (102 NE Russell St., 971-255-0169) provides you with the full, state-of-the-art experience.

The toilet is a perfectly tempered bidet that features heated seats, multiple pressure and angle controls, a noise-canceling option for privacy and a blow-dry feature so there's no paper waste. Because it knows you will want to take your time and enjoy, the restaurant placed flat-screen TVs on the wall easily visible from the throne. This is truly the toilet of all toilets. Your undercarriage will never feel so pampered and fresh. CHRISTINE HEELEY.

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