A few years ago, Zachary Myers had to move temporarily to New Zealand, which meant leaving his cat, Boo Boo, back in Portland, in the care of friends and neighbors. But Myers still wanted to keep an eye on him from afar. So he came up with a plan: Because Boo Boo is an outdoor cat, and a socially active one at that, Myers gave him a collar with a hashtag written on it.

Thus, #BooBooPussy was born.

When u meet #booboopussy

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Boo Boo spent his days strolling down Northeast Alberta Street, graciously posing for adoring fans who would snap images and post them on Instagram with the unique hashtag. One of his favorite spots to lounge around was Frock Boutique. Owner Ali Wykhuis says Boo Boo as a "total celebrity" who loved sleeping on the merchandise. In fact, a sign had to be posted on the door reminding employees to "do a Boo Boo check" before leaving, because the silly old boy would sometimes get locked inside the shop overnight.

Today, Boo Boo and Myers have relocated to North Lombard Street. The iconic hashtag collar got lost during the move, but Myers has been thinking of replacing it soon. Until then, you can catch up with Boo Boo on Myers' Instagram (@zacharyjm). MIA VICINO.

#booboopussy -Alberta and 14th

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