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California-Based Instagram Account “Bird Graveyard” Chronicles Abandoned Scooters Around the Nation

“If a bird or lime scooter has died, please send us pictures or video so we can honor its death. RIP”

Last week, Portland got 400 new e-scooters almost overnight.

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Those who have zipped around town on one already can probably attest: the things are pretty damn fun to ride. However, being dockless, the scooters have potential to inspire some bad behavior.

That's what prompted the creation of the California-based Instagram account @birdgraveyard—which appears to be equal parts humor and a plea to riders to be responsible.

"We started this page because some companies dropped off thousands of unsupervised scooters on Venice Beach without permission and people immediately began throwing them in the water," one video caption reads. "We know electric scooters are not good for the water. The scooters still end up there, and many other places, whether or not we post videos of it happening. You can spare us the angry comments, go complain to the companies if it bothers you. If Coke dropped off a crate of bottles on the beach one night those would also end up in the water. We repost videos of people breaking scooters."

Anecdotally, Portland scooter riders appear to be keeping things civil so far.

As a cautionary tale, however, here is a collection of some of @birdgraveyard's most outrageous posts.


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the beach is so beautiful

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☠️🔥 @deadringer

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