Oregon is burning. You can probably feel it in your lungs.

But there's a welcome sight outside the window right now: rain. Air quality is still awful throughout Portland—this morning the city's air quality was ranked worst in the U.S. and second worst worldwide. But we've since dropped down to number eleven.

Good news, however! The National Weather Service Portland says today's temperatures—a little over 60 degrees Fahrenheit—are roughly 14 degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago.

The agency adds that the rain brings with it another pleasant surprise: petrichor, or "a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather."

As well, NWS notes, the smoke in Portland air is actually increasing the drizzle by giving water vapor a place to collect and form rain.

So, while misty blankets of haze percolate and linger over the city skyline, we ask you, creative readers, to send us your best Blade Runner inspired photos.

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