“Wild Wild Country,” the Netflix Documentary Series About Oregon’s Infamous Rajneesh Cult, Won an Emmy Last Night

The popular six-part series chronicles the rise and fall of the former Wasco County cult.

Decades after dissolving, Oregon's most infamous cult is still garnering national attention.

Wild Wild Country, the six-part Netflix documentary series that chronicles the rise and fall of Oregon's Rajneesh cult via interviews with former members, just won an Emmy for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series.

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In an announcement of the award, series' producers and brothers Mark and Jay Duplass tweeted an ecstatic shot of their trophies last night.

The show's central figure, Ma Anand Sheela, was less thrilled with the acclaim.

Sheela, the Rajneesh figurehead and mastermind behind a scheme to poison salad bars in The Dalles with salmonella, told Hollywood news media site Deadline that she had "no intention" of attending the awards show.

In fact, she says she hasn't even watched the series all the way through.

"I work still 12 to 13 hours a day," she told Deadline of her work operating two nursing homes in Switzerland. "And one doesn't have the luxury of looking at this film for seven hours or six hours, whatever it is…I fast-forwarded [through] it."

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Wild Wild Country debuted in March and was filmed primarily in Antelope, Ore., near the site of the former Rajneesh compound. It beat four other documentary series— Blue Planet II, American Masters, The Defiant Ones and The Fourth Estate—for the award.