Last week in Starters, we wrote about a combination bookstore-bar soon to open in Portland—the city's first. Rose City Book Pub, which is moving into the closed County Cork Public House space on Northeast Fremont Street, will sell used books along with beer and wine. The bar is tentatively scheduled to open Oct. 14. Readers have unexpectedly strong feelings about the book-booze pairing.

Daniel Buckeridge, via Facebook: "Bars are supposed to be for mingling and talking, not for reading or cellphone use. SAD!"

Michelle Fischer, in response: "About once a week, I go to the bar alone with a book. Why is that so sad?"

Crystal Newton, via Facebook: "I like reading while watching hockey. I do it at home, I could do it in a bar. Maybe find like-minded weirdos who like both."

Alison Campbell, via Facebook: "Is Portland trying to be the drunkest city? If having a drink or two while shopping is not enough, we can now stop at the bookstore for Shakespeare and a screwdriver?"

Love Kelly Anne K, via Facebook: "I love reading as much as anyone, but if I'm going to a bar, I'd like to actually be social, or else I'll just read and drink at home."

Sheena Hickerson, via Facebook: "Finally, a place where I can get drunk and be left alone."

Rob Clark, via Facebook: "Looking forward to the drunk person realizing we're reading the same book and spilling out all the spoilers. SMH."

Mandy McAvoy Hokanson, via Facebook: "They should call it Hemingway's."

Kathleen Juskaowiak, via Facebook: "What a great idea! A bar for introverts."

Skip Stone, via Facebook: "Drunk on knowledge."

Chyrstea Suppan Springer, via Facebook: "I kind of hate it. Imagine reading while having a beer and not being at your own house so random people interrupt you. And it's not the library."

Amanda Riedl, via Facebook: "This is my heaven."

WrestleTrump, via Twitter: "America can use more readers."

Misery cripplecock, via Twitter: "Because drunk guys don't already interrupt my reading time enough."