Face it—flying sucks. And before you crawl into that ever-shrinking airline seat, crammed next to strangers of questionable hygiene for the hourslong ride, you're going to need a drink.

Fortunately, our airport not only has higher-quality booze than most others—its selection could put entire cities to shame.

Nearly every corner of the H-shaped concourse hosts some member of the state's thriving beer industry. Laurelwood, one of Portland's foundational breweries, has had an outpost there for years. Within the past year, it was joined by two other Oregon beer institutions: Hopworks, which offers a scaled-down version of the original location's menu, and Deschutes, whose barrel stave-adorned brewpub features a state-of-the-art digital fireplace and sells exclusive batches only available there. (To commemorate the latter's opening, and honor the 30th anniversary of its Clocktower Plaza shopping center, PDX even threw a mini beer festival last summer.) And in case your final destination is a beer desert, all three pubs sell bottles to go.

Sure, the famous airport carpet is long gone, but who cares? That was never going to get you buzzed, anyway.