Last summer, when Trail Blazer fans first had someone tell them, "We got Curry," most probably assumed it was a cruel joke. And at the time, it sort of was: No, Portland hadn't stolen Golden State's golden child. Instead, they'd signed his less exciting little brother, Seth.

Well, who's laughing now?

Sure, the Warriors are barreling toward another championship. So far this season, though, our Curry is besting theirs, in the category the two-time MVP is most known for: 3-point shooting.

In fact, technically speaking, the younger Curry is shooting the 3-ball better than anyone in the NBA right now. Of players who are on pace to make at least 82 threes this season, Seth is connecting on 48 percent of his shots from behind the arc, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, making him the league's most efficient long-range marksman. Steph, meanwhile, is hitting 42 percent from downtown, the second-lowest mark of his career, knocking him into fifth place in 3-point percentage behind randos like Davis Bertans and Joe Harris.

Naysayers might point out Seth has attempted the least amount of 3-pointers of anyone in the top 10, and that Steph currently has the third-best overall shooting percentage—the highest among non-centers—and that he's so much more of his team's focal point offensively that comparing the two at all is a statistical fallacy bordering on the absurd.

Whatever, bro. Draining nearly half your treys, while rocking a headband and keeping your gross-ass mouthguard in your damn mouth? Your Curry could never.