…urban desi and Indian dance pop (Andaz Bhangra Bollywood Dance Party, last Saturdays at the Liquor Store)

…classic soul and funk curated by the Dandy Warhols' drummer (Soul Stew, second through last Fridays at the Goodfoot)

…sweaty soul rarities spun by Ural Thomas's drummer (In the Cooky Jar, first Fridays at Eagles Lodge)

…hip-hop in a queer-centric space that also books some of Portland's best rappers (Cake, second Fridays at Killingsworth Dynasty)

.…rare midcentury American dance jams at a party endorsed by John Cameron Mitchell (Sugar Town, first Saturdays at Kenton Club)

…deep house with performers and attendees dressed in kink gear (Switch, monthly at Killingsworth Dynasty)

…the most shameless mix of bubblegum-pop greats (Candi Pop, recurring at Holocene)

…vibey beats sets by idiosyncratic local producers (A Beat Happening, last Thursday at Future Shock)

…classic goth underneath the cloak of a fog machine and a giant pentagram-type insignia (Shadowplay, Thursdays at the Lovecraft)

…buzzy European industrial DJs spinning in what feels like someone's basement (Spend the Night, first Fridays at the Liquor Store)

…synth pop while mostly naked (Pants Off Dance Off, monthly at Tonic Lounge)

…'80s music while surrounded by '80s arcade games (Reaganomix, every Monday at Ground Kontrol)

…the saddest of sad-boy Brit pop (Bittersweet Symphony, monthly at Church)

…slow jams with all the cheesy glam of your high school prom, minus the oppressive heteronormativity (Queer Prom, every spring at Crush Bar)

…Panic at the Disco and My Chemical Romance like your mall-goth phase never ended (Emo Nite, recurring at Holocene)

…a continent-spanning appreciation of Latinx music that ranges from rare cumbia to Cardi B (Noche Libre, second Thursdays at Dig A Pony)