It’s easy to let summer slip away. We’re here to help you make sure it doesn’t. WW’s Get Out Guide, which recently hit newsstands, gives you a road trip itinerary across the entire state, following Highway 26 from Cannon Beach to the border of Idaho.

“We have so many spectacular highways that crisscross this state,” Andi Prewitt, the magazine’s editor, told KATU-TV’s Steve Dunn, “and I figured, why not take one and highlight every amazing activity and attraction that you could possibly do and see along the way?”


In remote Eastern Oregon, the guide describes kayaking in “Oregon’s Grand Canyon”—a.k.a. Owyhee State Park.

“Imagine a giant uprooting Zion National Park and plopping it down here before turning on a massive hose to fill the gorge with water,” Prewitt said, “as though it were the world’s largest kiddie pool.”

From Mount Hood to the coast, there’s also an hour by hour itinerary for getting down the mountain and into the ocean—snowboard to surfboard—all in the same day.

Find a map of every place you can currently pick up the Get Out Guide below: