Apple is capitalizing on the ASMR video trend—that's "autonomous sensory meridian response"—with new ads meant to trigger that back-of-your-scalp tingly feeling.

One of the videos in the "Shot on iPhone" campaign was filmed at the Neskowin Ghost Forest on the Oregon Coast, 10 miles south of Pacific City, where ancient Sitka spruce stumps dot the shore like eerie sentinels.

After a quick disclaimer explaining that the video is "best enjoyed with headphones," a whispering narrator describes the history of the Ghost Forest in a chilling, hushed voice as sound slowly alternates from headphone to headphone—it feels as though your computer is possessed.

"These strange sarcophagi were once trees, and they represent a beautiful, ethereal memorial to the great cataclysm that came before," the narrator says. "People have understandably come to call this place the Ghost Forest."

The appropriately ghostly whispering—which accompanies gorgeous, sweeping shots of the Oregon coast—goes on for over seven minutes.

Another nearly nine-minute-long saga of rain falling on a campsite appears to have been shot at Smith Rock in Bend.

Watch both videos below—with headphones, of course.