No matter how nice the day, Apex (1216 SE Division St., 503-273-9227, 11:30 am-2:30am daily) always seems to have room for you to sit down outside. That's not a reflection of the beer bar's extensive tap list, nor its dad-punk aesthetic. It's just because Apex has an excess of seating: The fenced-in patch of concrete in front of the drinking hole is lined with long wooden picnic tables, and the area is almost as large as the bar itself. Apex is no-frills: The bar is cash only, little adorns the patio, and if you want food, you have to go next door to Taqueria Los Gorditos. Still, plain and simple are exactly what you want as you down one of Apex's 50 beers on tap while parked motorcycles accumulate by the bar entrance and the Descendents blast in the background.