By Nicole Vulcan

In a 2015 community survey, locals let Madras city officials know loud and clear that one of their highest priorities was landing a brewery. With its supply of high-quality water from Opal Springs, access to area grain, and even a local malt house, the community seemed poised to become a prime location for a beer producer. But it’s taken some effort. The city of Madras continues to actively recruit a brewing company that will build a facility there, but in the meantime, you can enjoy a pint at Madras Brewing (212 SW 4th St., Suite 104, 541-475-4546,, which opened in December 2018 in a former restaurant on the main drag. Instead of brewing onsite, owner Roberto Cardenas gives his recipes to Kobold Brewing in Redmond, and it handles production. The chocolate-cinnamon notes in a recent Mexican stout made it the standout beer on tap.