The growing mass of vegans who live east of César E. Chávez Boulevard rejoiced when the owners of the Sweet Hereafter and the Bye and Bye announced they were taking over a neglected backroom of Foster Burger and installing Thunderbird (5339 SE Foster Road,, 4pm-2am Mon.-Fri., 3pm-2am Sat.-Sun.), a dimly lit, neo-pub specializing in boozy slushies, local craft beer and smoked faux-meat products courtesy of St. Johns’ vegan soul food spot Homegrown Smoker. Meat lovers can still get a Foster Burger from the joint’s kitchen window, but the patio out back is a hidden treasure that’s popular with omnivores and plant-eaters alike. The wooden roof and heat lamps are a nice touch in winter, and the open front that faces Foster does wonders for a natural breeze on a balmy summer day when cooling off with a frozen rosé is priority No. 1.