Long before stimulus spending became a pejorative term, programs meant to jolt the economy produced magnificent structures like the alpine palace of stone and ponderosa pine that is Timberline Lodge. Drink in the craftsmanship of laborers employed by the Works Progress Administration while sipping what’s likely an overpriced beverage in the Ram’s Head Bar (27500 E Timberline Road, Government Camp, 503-272-3311, timberlinelodge.com/lodge/dining), which takes up the entire hexagonal mezzanine. The centerpiece of the room is a 400-ton chimney constructed out of rock slabs that soars from floor to ceiling. There are stellar views of the peak thanks to windows that extend skyward from the bottom level. But if you’re done staring at the landscape, steal away into one of the nooks on either side of the bar complete with wraparound booths and dim lighting.