If the name Bunsenbrewer (16506 SE 362nd Drive, Sandy, 971-225-3874, bunsenbrewer.com) isn’t enough of a tip, this is an avowed science-themed bar. And its nerd pride is displayed in the most authentic and endearing way possible, which is to say, it’s exactly how you’d imagine a science classroom if a 12-year-old boy moved in with his collection of video games and cardboard cutout of Spock. The large, dimly lit warehouse is packed full of pinball machines, dartboards, board games and a huge mess of PlayStation games splayed in front of a worn-out couch. Beer choices are cheekily named after scientists and potent in flavor. The Bill Nye the Science Rye, for instance, is full-bodied with pleasant notes of grapefruit. While the Verbeek double IPA manages to pack a strong, wheat-forward profile behind a somewhat creamy and smooth finish.