Distance: 3.5 miles  |  Difficulty: Dirty Boots  |  Directions to Bloom Lake Trail: From Portland, take Highway 26 west for 49 miles to the pullout and trailhead on the left, just before the Quartz Creek Bridge.

Bloom Lake itself isn't particularly large, but the 3.5-mile lollipop loop to and around the feature has enough scenery, mileage and elevation gain to qualify as a day hike. It's also so accessible, you can bang it out and get back on the road without throwing off the rest of your schedule.

From the trailhead, cross over Quartz Creek on a footbridge. If you're a fan of flowing water, don't get too excited, as this will be your only encounter. Continuing, the trail climbs to meet with an old logging road. The alder-lined path ascends and levels alternately until arriving at a junction that may or may not be marked with flagging. There's also a small tree stump on the left of the trail that signifies the beginning of the loop.

Either way will get you around the lake via a forest of hemlock and Sitka spruce along with silver, Douglas and noble fir. In short order, the trail arrives at the outlet for Bloom Lake. This area can leave your shoes and cuffs soaked when the wet season turns everything into a marsh. Roll up those pant legs, press on and keep an eye out for signs of beaver activity—if you're lucky, you may even spot the Oregon state animal in action.