Everyone should try becoming a Timbers fan for a day, because chances are good you’ll leave the match a Timbers fan for life. Sure, chanting, singing and stomping for 90 minutes straight is exhausting—and a little annoying. But the fervor of the Timbers Army is infectious no matter where you sit. You’ll find your pulse comes to match their drumbeat, and the burst of applause and whoosh of green smoke released to celebrate a goal is a transcendent experience on a near-spiritual level. That should only intensify in the newly renovated Providence Park (1844 SW Morrison St., 503-553-5400, timbers.com/providencepark), which has been under construction to add 4,000 seats. The project’s architect has called it the Globe Theatre of soccer—picture vertical galleries of spectators shooting straight up, placing you right on top of the action. When the team returns from a brutally long 12-game road trip for their delayed home opener June 1, you better believe Soccer City’s vocal cords will be well rested and ready to roar.