Dayville is one of those specks on the map so small that if you glance down for GPS directions to figure out how close you are to any sign of civilization, you’ll miss it. What a shame that would be, because you’d also be bypassing the best pies in the state. Inside Dayville Cafe (212 Franklin St., Dayville, 541-987-2122), at least a dozen grandmas must be working their fingers to the bone, kneading, rolling, crimping and filling pie crusts, because the freshly baked confections don’t come in just one or two flavors—there are at least 10 to choose from. The marionberry should be devoured warm, preferably with a scoop of ice cream, its light, flaky crust barely containing magenta marbles that burst with tart sweetness. Or the coconut cream, so fluffy and sweet it must be what angels rest their heads on. Got a hankering for a particular variety of pie? Call 24 hours in advance to special order from the cafe’s list of 31 flavors.