Traveling through Sandy by bike is a good way to experience some of the small city’s more scenic backroads and creeks. The 10-mile Easy Breezy Sandy Ride ( is an enjoyable mix of terrain, where hill climbs are sporadic and skilled bikers can enjoy as leisurely an experience as the name promises. Start behind Sandy City Hall (39250 Pioneer Blvd.), where a bike pump and repair station are permanently installed to facilitate tune-ups before embarking. The first part of the route takes you past Jonsrud Viewpoint, essentially nature’s high-definition big screen from which you need to view both Mount Hood and the Sandy River. Be advised the semi-sleepy and very straight road the middle portion of the ride takes you down does not have a bike lane or shoulder, and you’ll have to be alert for speeding vehicles. After a short, slightly scary traverse across Highway 26, however, you’ll end with a pleasant pedal parallel to Tickle Creek on an off-road, multiuse path.