Super Deluxe

(Katie Reahl)
(Katie Reahl)

5009 SE Powell Blvd.; 850 NW 13th Ave., No. 1; Breakfast-late daily.

With a new Pearl District location, Super Deluxe is quickly becoming Portland's answer to In-N-Out. Super D's Shake Shack-style burger is consistently exceptional, and its thin and encrusted Impossible Burger is second to none for drive-thru options in Portland. Great breakfast deluxes, too—until 11 am. $.

Homegrown Smoker

8638 N Lombard St., 503-477-7274, Lunch-dinner Wednesday-Sunday.

The Smoker, Portland's vegan barbecue, has that uncanny ability to speak to your most masochistic zeal—no matter how many times you've visited. It's hard to resist the Macnocheeto Burrito ($10)—a psychotic combination of baked beans, BBQ soy curls, and mac 'n' cheese rolled up in a tortilla. $.

DC Vegetarian

5026 SE Division St., 503-374-3388, Lunch-dinner Tuesday-Sunday.

A food cart staple for alt-diet PSU students, DC Veg now has a storefront on Division and, thus, an improved environment in which to enjoy big-ass sandwiches. The go-to here is the Steak and Cheese: thick cut seitan with sautéed peppers, onions and melted vegan cheese ($12). $.

Off the Griddle

6526 SE Foster Road, 503-764-9160, Breakfast-lunch and dinner Wednesday-Monday.

Melding a vegetarian burger cart and brunch spot into one, the brilliance of this cohesive diner concept is possibly best demonstrated by the vegan chicken and waffle plate topped with buffalo sauce and cashew cream that will make you want to sing ($15). $-$$.

Paradox Cafe

3439 SE Belmont St., 503-232-7508, Breakfast-lunch daily.

With its prices seemingly frozen in time and an inexplicable lack of crowds and lines, telling the world about this place feels like betrayal. Paradox Cafe may be Portland's best-kept brunch secret. A go-to is the hog-style (herb and onion) biscuits and gravy, washed down with a hot cup of coffee kept fresh by attentive servers. $.

The Sudra

2333 NE Glisan St., 971-302-6002, Lunch-dinner Sunday-Thursday, lunch-late Friday-Saturday.

The Sudra specializes in Indian cooking tinged with Latin American and other inspirations, all vegan. A wide array of options—from kati rolls to rice bowls, small plates to larger platters—are all vivid, colorful and bold enough to sway even the most consummate meat eater. For thirsty guests, the bar puts out a number of unique, Indian-inspired cocktails. $$.

Yuan Su

11140 SE Powell Blvd., 503-477-5775, Lunch-dinner Monday-Saturday.

An absolute must for both vegans and non-vegans alike east of 82nd. At Yuan Su, the menu is vast and Chinese standards are served quickly. You can't go wrong with dinner combination No. 1 ($11): vegetarian beef and broccoli, vegetarian sweet and sour chicken, and vegetarian ham-fried rice. $.

Fatsquatch PDX

3423 SE Belmont St. Lunch-dinner Thursday-Sunday.

Sight of this cart may be obscured from the street in a tiny Belmont pod, but the portions of vegan comfort food here may be visible from space. From vegan jalapeño poppers to the surprisingly legit "notzarella" sticks ($9) with a host of housemade sauces, including buffalo, barbecue, ranch, honey mustard and chipotle ranch for dipping, Fatsquatch is some kind of greasy heaven. $.

Blossoming Lotus

1713 NE 15th Ave., 503-228-0048, Lunch-dinner daily.

One of Food Network's top 20 vegan restaurants in America, Blossoming Lotus has been on the meatless map ever since its former owner and founding chef, Mark Reinfeld, co-authored the award-winning cookbook Vegan Fusion World Cuisine. Alongside plant-based favorites, like a lentil-walnut, faux-Muenster "cheeseburger" ($14), BL's sustainable kitchen prepares an inventive array of raw dishes. Our favorite is the pecan-chorizo, cashew sour crema-topped live nachos ($15). $.