Counter Service

Although brunch is still king in AM Portland, some mornings call for a more independent—and affordable—breakfast experience. These are the spots to grab a hot breakfast sandwich with a real fried egg (none of that egg-in-a-carton nonsense) to go or enjoy your omelet uninterrupted by waiters. No muss, no fuss, no lines.

Bunk Sandwiches

Bunk Pork Cubano (Kayla Sprint)

211 SW 6th Ave.,
Closed Sunday.

While its other locations multitask as music venue eateries, this pocket-sized Bunk is the opposite of that, catering instead to the office dwellers of downtown with a hearty, speedy bacon, fried egg and cheese on a freshly baked kaiser roll ($8).

Pearl Bakery

102 NW 9th Ave.,

Pearl Bakery takes its food and espresso drinks more seriously than other counter spots, and intentionally does not offer public Wi-Fi so you can fully appreciate the perfect 25-minute breakfast. The essential is the Standard ($10): crispy bacon, scrambled egg, American cheese and aioli on a croissant.


915 NW 19th Ave., 2031 NW Front Ave., 503-593-5992,

Stunning, fluffy and savory biscuits: That's what pops into mind when most Portlanders think of Commissary. Though an adorable cinema-themed cafe, the food does heavy lifting with a worthwhile brunch menu (plates $6.50-$8.50) with fresh irresistible options named in homage to the Film Exchange building in which it's served.


(Jake Southard)

2728 SE Ankeny St.,

Bustling and roomy, Crema is part cafe and part bakery—with an array of sweet and savory pastries to complement locally roasted coffees and lattes that baristas rapidly sling to often long lines. While you can find Crema's baked goods across town, the best place for them is at the source—armed with a laptop, headphones, and a good view of all the dogs walking past the wonderfully massive windows.

Bernstein’s Bagels

8408 N Lombard St., 810 N Russell St.,

What Bernstein Bagels might lack in space it makes up for in sheer authenticity. Here, housemade, hand-rolled boiled bagels come in traditional flavors with a creative selection of schmear. A solid dedication to the bagel art form shows.

St. Barbra Pinoy Bakery

2311 SW 6th Ave., 503-444-7170, Closed Monday-Tuesday.

A marriage of French and Filipino pastry technique and tradition make for the perfect match at this petite cafe. For breakfast, sink your teeth into sweet or savory pastries like ensaymadas ($2.50) or empanadas ($2.75). For something more filling, try the Pinoy breakfast burrito with garlic fried rice ($5), pancit, chicken adobo ($8.50) or whatever is on special.

Vivienne Kitchen & Pantry

Coy & Co. Curatorial Floral.

4128 NE Sandy Blvd., Closed Monday.

This quiet, minimalistic breakfast cafe has the air of a grown-up tea party. Cutlery is wrapped in cloth napkins, while coffee is served in dainty, floral vintage teacups. The menu comprises comfy eats like egg sandwiches ($7), polenta with braised pork ($14) and breakfast porridge ($7). Vivienne's list of boozy brunch drinks goes beyond mimosas: Wine and craft beer accompany classic cocktails from morning through the afternoon.

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