Housing costs, multiple Intel campuses and Nike HQ have resulted in the most ethnically diverse neighborhood west of 82nd Avenue. These are the stores that will keep you heading west when your fridge is empty.


2800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., 503-626-5272, karamldc.com.

Karam is deli, bakery, restaurant and catering company—all under one roof. Along with a host of fresh, traditional Lebanese entrees, you can find Lebanese pastries sweet and savory, along with floral and fruity Lebanese sodas ($3.50) at Karam. Take your purchases home or have a seat in the cafe-style dining room.

La Norteña

(Nick Zukin)
(Nick Zukin)

6109 SW 124th Ave., 503-469-9171, lanortenamarket.com.

You can find everything here: a full menu of favorites, a butcher shop, fresh produce, and a bakery with traditional sweet pastries. Prices are seriously competitive for the quality of La Norteña's affordable in-house restaurant.

India Sweets & Spices

16205 NW Bethany Court, No. 110, 503-690-0499, indiasweetsspices.com.

India Sweets & Spices is a family-owned Indian deli, bakery and restaurant that's served Beaverton's Indian community for over a decade. A great source of authentic groceries and prepared food, India Sweets & Spices is responsible for introducing many of Beaverton's non-Indian residents to the sweet and savory tastes of the subcontinent.

Apna Bazaar

1815 NW 169th Place, No. 6022, 503-533-0424, apnabazaarpdx.com.

With the beloved Apna Chat Bhavan Indian restaurant directly next door, this block of Indian grocery and dining will satisfy any appetite—immediate or anticipatory.

Oyatsupan Bakers

16025 SW Regatta Lane, 503-941-5251, oyatsupan.com.

A great source of ultrasoft Western and traditional Japanese pastries—all made from scratch by owner Hiro Horie, who worked in corporate Japanese baking for over 25 years.

Asian Food Center

3849 SW 117th Ave., 503-520-1880.

Born of a trio of Washington Chinese food stores, Asian Food Center has a selection of fresh and dry ingredients that easily rivals that of big box stores.Its in-store restaurant serves dishes you can replicate at home after a successful shopping excursion.

99 Ranch

8155 SW Hall Blvd., 503-605-1899, 99ranch.com.

Part of a national Chinese grocery store chain, 99 Ranch is among Beaverton's newest Asian grocery stores, but is no less important for the community, especially as it has replaced an Albertsons. Along with groceries, 99 Ranch includes a bakery, deli and fresh seafood department.

Can Tho Market

18725 NW Walker Road, Suite 102, 503-726-8607.

Can Tho is a full-service Vietnamese grocery store providing niche ingredients harder to find at pan-Asian grocery stores. The market isn't so big as some of its competitors, but it is well-lit and -stocked with a variety of high-quality goods.

Gobugi Asian Market

4425 SW 110th Ave., 503-372-6317.

Although a Korean market first and foremost, Gobugi also sells a well-stocked range of Chinese, Japanese and Thai snacks. Along with fresh produce and frozen meats, the made-from-scratch kimchi, rice cakes and other Korean comfort foods are among the most popular premade dishes in the area.

G Mart

3975 SW 114th Ave., 503-641-3313, hmartus.com.

G Mart is a sister store of Korean superstore H Mart (page 114), with a heavier focus on fresh produce. There's still a wide selection of coveted beauty products, fresh meat and imported dry goods, as well as a hidden in-store restaurant, Spring.


10500 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, 503-643-4512, uwajimaya.com.

Uwajimaya is the metro area's largest and only Japanese grocery store, with an impressive selection of fresh seafood, produce, beauty products, dishware, alcohol and imported dry goods. There's also the in-store bookstore, Kinokuniya, where you'll find Japanese magazines, books and manga.

Asia Market

12350 SW Broadway, 503-646-8118.

Asia Market is a long-running, family-owned grocery store across the street from the former Beaverton Bakery in historic downtown. Though it advertises "Oriental food," Asia Market's Vietnamese-leaning inventory includes dry, canned and frozen food with some fresh produce.

India Supermarket

17235 NW Corridor Court, 503-617-9999, cheenibori.com.

India Supermarket is an alternative to the nearby Walmart for the Beaverton-area Indian community. Along with a giant selection of dairy, produce, home goods and beauty products, India Supermarket's in-store restaurant boasts a wide array of traditional desserts.