Airbnb doesn't just want to help you find a place to stay when visiting your in-laws anymore—it wants to give you something to do, too.

Last week, the company launched a new package as part of its Airbnb Experiences program: the Record Holders Collection. A partnership with the Guinness Book of World Records—whose new volume just hit bookshelves at the beginning of September—the program gives users the opportunity to spend time with world-record holders and immerse in their craft.

You can learn magic tricks in London with the record holder for most tricks done on a skydive or tour the largest collection of troll dolls in the world in Canton, Ohio. And in Portland, you can hang with Brittany Walsh, a balancing artist who holds the record for shooting the farthest arrow using just her feet—over 12 meters.

You can book an hour and a half at her training spot with the Circus Project in Northwest Portland, where she'll show you some of her moves.

The session will go over the essential positions and shapes the body utilizes in acrobatics, and you'll learn basic tumbles, inversions and even some partner tumbles if you bring a friend. If you're lucky, you might see her bend backwards and upside down with a bow between her feet.

If that sounds fun to you, book fast: Walsh currently has a week open at the end of the month, but is unavailable through February 2020. The price tag right now rings up at $75 per person for 90 minutes.

You can book your visit here.