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Stonedware Makes Geometric Clay Pipes You Won’t Feel Embarrassed to Break Out at Fancy Dinner Parties

While spoon pipes can give smokers a harsher smoking experience, Stonedware’s pieces are like bubbler pipes without water.

Ariel Zimman


Age: 33

What does she make? Tasteful, geometric pipes you won't feel embarrassed to break out at a fancy dinner party.

Ariel Zimman's cannabis journey began in college.

"They basically give you a bag of weed with your textbooks in art school," she jokes.

In those years, Zimman would hide her glass pipe at home—not for fear of discovery, but because of how ugly she thought it was. Zimman realized that only glass pipes are dependent on the traditional spoon style. By using different materials, she could make something she could smoke from proudly.

Zimman's Stonedware pieces slip cast geometric pipes with watery, porcelainlike clay from Tacoma, Wash. While spoon pipes can give smokers a harsher smoking experience, Stonedware's pieces are like bubbler pipes without water. The angular shapes aren't just for aesthetic purposes but comfort.

"I wanted them to be objects that fit really well in your hand and were also highly functional," she says.

Zimman's first claim to fame, however, was her line of smaller, more traditional handmade pipes promoting Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential bid, with almost-official ceramic decals. Zimman sold enough pipes to hit the individual donor cap on campaign contributions—and this campaign season, she's bringing it back, along with a pipe dedicated to Elizabeth Warren. Proceeds will benefit NORML, a cannabis legislation advocacy group, Zimman says.

FIND IT: stonedwarecompany.com

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Stonedware Makes Geometric Clay Pipes You Won't Feel Embarrassed to Break Out at Fancy Dinner Parties

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