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Tiffany Thompson Makes Your Home or Workplace So Stylish it Looks Staged By HGTV Designers

It’s not just about aesthetics or the jaw-dropping, TV show-worthy reveal. It’s far more intimate than that.

Tiffany Thompson

Duett Interiors

Age: 32

What does she make? Remodeled rooms in your home or workplace so stylish they look as if they were staged by HGTV designers.

All of the signs were there that someday Tiffany Thompson would recognize her true calling: styling spaces for other people.

It wasn't necessarily her nine-year- career in women's sportswear for Nike. The fact that friends begged her to decorate their houses after seeing what she did to hers was certainly a boost of confidence. But Thompson's family would tell you they always knew she had what it took to makeover interiors.

Long before she founded Duett Interiors in 2017, one of her earliest projects involved taking apart a set of red bunk beds. Thompson remembers it took some convincing to get her older sister to help separate the sleeping unit they shared in a cramped New York City apartment, but she pitched the project as a way to improve their privacy—a solid sell for any preteen girl.

"Even in college, I would ask my roommate, 'Hey, can I move our beds around?'" Thompson says.

Less than a month ago, Thompson left Nike to pour all of her passion into what had been a side hustle. She understands how important it is to have a retreat that feels not only warm and welcoming but also a reflection of your personality—whether in the form of hanging planets made from hollowed-out basketballs or luxurious jacquard chairs.

Before she was adopted by her aunt, a woman she has long called "Mom," her own home life and housing weren't always stable. Thompson believes experience influences her designs to this day. It's not just about aesthetics or the jaw-dropping, TV show-worthy reveal. It's far more intimate than that.

"I always say, when I'm designing with somebody, it's kind of like you're getting naked," she says. "You're letting me in your home. That's the most personal thing you can do."

FIND IT: duettinteriors.com

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