A Roundup of Portland Sex Clubs

Stepping out.

The Velvet Rope

Club Privata

824 SW 1st Ave., 503-317-3900, clubprivata.com.

This posh downtown swingers nightclub replaced the Ron Jeremy-endorsed Club Sesso, which closed in 2015. It features three floors with two bars, a free buffet and plenty of play spaces to choose from, ranging from private rooms to shared spaces. The main space has a large dance floor for flirting, while the second level has a strip club-style setup, with a bar surrounding a large orgy bed instead of a stage. On the third floor there's a large play space for couples and groups only, a great compromise for those who want just a hint of privacy with their public sex.

The Velvet Rope 

3533 SE César E. Chávez Blvd., 971-271-7064, velvetropepdx.com.

With vintage lighting and décor, this cozy clubhouse is the homiest of Portland's swingers club options. The space is more cavernous than it appears—there's a bar, pool tables and hot tubs to keep you entertained if you're looking for options beyond sex play.


33 NW 9th Ave., pdxsanctuary.com.

A Pearl District lifestyle nightclub featuring a single, wide-open space and a few semi-private areas separated by gauzy curtains—plus a small, lighted dance floor—Sanctuary has an upscale loft feel, with high ceilings and visible pipework. Special events include kink nights like Luv Hurtz and the femme-dom gathering 50 Shades of Shut the Fuck Up.


234 SE Grand Ave., 503-946-8659, hawkspdx.com.

This bathhouse and spa is primarily aimed at gay men, but with bisexual nights on Sundays and Tuesdays open to all genders. The sex swing nook, divided by chainlink fence, is a favorite spot for both players and voyeurs. There's even a wall of glory holes. Dress code is generally just a towel, but on bi nights lingerie or fetish wear are also acceptable.


2885 NE Sandy Blvd., 503-736-9999, steamportland.com.

Another bathhouse, but this one is strictly for men, and requires membership. Special events include STI testing, and while the dress code is generally "nothing," a towel, underwear or fetish wear are also acceptable. Bonus points for the nude sun deck.


5224 SE Foster Road, 503-726-9930, catalystsexpositive.com.

This dungeon hosts a range of special events catering to the kink, queer and non-monogamous communities. While the setup changes from party to party, you'll always find some couches and areas for socializing, and more serious equipment in the back. And unlike most other clubs in town, there's no bar onsite, so the space is 18-plus.

The Oregon Theater

3530 SE Division St., 503-232-7469, twitter.com/oregonofficial.

Calling this innocuously named old-school adult movie theater a "dive" might be generous, but the vibe will appeal to some. The main activity at this single-screen theater—the last of its kind in Portland—is masturbation, but some use the old couches in the viewing area for a gang bang. Because it's not explicitly a "sex club," it's not staffed or monitored, so you're on your own.

Fantasy for Adults Only

3137 NE Sandy Blvd., 503-239-6969, fantasyforadultsonly.com.

It's not a "sex club" per se, but this porn and sex toy store has private video arcade booths for customers to enjoy solo play. It can also be a fun date spot if you're feeling naughty. As real estate prices rise in PDX, the old-style porn stores are getting harder to find, especially west of 82nd, so there's a high novelty factor here.

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A Roundup of Portland Sex Clubs

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