The Belmont Goats need help.

The non-profit that manages the locally famous urban goat herd—which moved to their third Portland neighborhood in University Park last Christmas—today launched a GoFundMe to cover the animals' medical expenses and food.

Belmont Goats hopes to raise $10,000, writing on the fundraising page that a "number of health-related things" have come up with the goats over the past year and that hay prices have increased to $525 for a two-month supply.

There are currently 14 goats in the herd, and some are getting old and requiring more veterinary care. The organization currently has an outstanding $6,500 debt with the Oregon State University Large Animal Clinic. Additionally, as a stipulation for renting public land from the Portland Housing Bureau, Belmont Goats is required to maintain a $535 per quarter insurance plan.

While the volunteer-run operation exists on a lean budget, it clarified that the crowdfunding campaign is not an indication of an impending closure.

"To be clear, we are not in danger of closing," Belmont Goats wrote, "we just want to be able to function more comfortably and in a way that allows us to be present at the field and as an organization. We enjoy all of the visits we have, and would love to engage more in that capacity, and we could more easily do so with less of a financial burden."