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Ad Agency Wieden + Kennedy Has Teamed Up With Gov. Brown to Keep Oregonians at Home

“It’s Up to You How Many People Live or Die. Don't Accidentally Kill Someone.”

If people won't listen to health officials and stay the hell home, maybe they'll listen to the company that created "Dilly Dilly."

On Saturday, Gov. Kate Brown's office announced a collaboration with heavyweight Portland ad agency Wieden + Kennedy aimed at creating awareness about COVID-19—maybe you've heard of it?—and the importance of staying planted on your couch bingeing Tiger King in order to stop the disease from spreading.

"We created this campaign with the governor because we don't want to look back and wish we had done more," Jason Bagley and Eric Baldwin, executive creative directors at Wieden + Kennedy, said in a statement announcing the campaign. "We have a lot of heart for Oregon and all who live here, and we know that staying home will save lives."

The Stay Home, Save Lives campaign is spare, almost austere. It consists of TV, radio and print ads, one made up of entirely of black text on a yellow background, relaying statistics about coronavirus. "It's Up to You How Many People Live or Die," it concludes. "Don't Accidentally Kill Someone."

The other, titled "Essential Heroes," is a tribute to health workers.

There is also downloadable material available on the campaign's website for dissemination through social media, bearing such catchy slogans as "Keep Portland Weird Alive."

According to a press release, Wieden + Kennedy worked on the campaign for the governor's office pro bono. The agency already had a contract with the state for Travel Oregon advertising.