Here Are Four Livestreaming Web Cams to Zone Out On

Jellyfish, puppies, Earth from space—and tigers at Big Cat Rescue. Yes, that Big Cat Rescue.

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Moon Jelly Cam

Jellyfish are nature's lava lamps. Turn on, tune in and try not to think about how these peacefully undulating invertebrates are basically waggling their gonads in your face. Google it!

Nursery at Warrior Canine Connection

Other than all the death and unemployment, the worst thing about this current moment is not being able to pet strangers' dogs. This live cam will either torture you further or help fill the void for random puppy interaction from a safe distance.

Tiger Lake at Big Cat Rescue

That's right—the unofficial sequel to Tiger King is a live cam trained right on one of Carol Baskin's rescued tigers. Watch long enough and who knows whom she might feed them, allegedly!

Earth From Space

When it feels like the world is ending, it's nice to be able to occasionally remind ourselves that the planet itself is actually still intact, especially while listening to some placid piano music.

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