Apologies to Billy Corgan, but this is how you really smash some fucking pumpkins.

This morning, the elephants at the Oregon Zoo participated in the annual Squishing of the Squash, which is pretty much what it sounds like: Every year around Halloween, a few monstrous pumpkins are presented to the zoo's family of Asian elephants, whose natural inclination is to stomp them open and lap up the tasty innards.

It's a tradition that stretches back to 1999, when some local farmers gifted the zoo an 800-pound pumpkin to do whatever with. The press release for the event touts the zoo's environmental enrichment program, which has long used leftover Halloween pumpkins as playthings for keeping animals mentally and physically stimulated.

Let's not complicate things, though: It's giant beasts stomping on some oversized fruit, and it's just fun to watch.

But even though this is a video of 8,000 pound animals squashing massive gourds, they do so with remarkable delicacy, producing such a satisfying cronching sound it almost qualifies as ASMR.

Watch below: