No matter how cynical you've grown about this town, Portland remains a city of hidden urban wonders, from the stable of tiny horses tethered to random curbs to public art projects to the abundance of Little Free Libraries.

But there's always more to discover. Want to kill a weekend afternoon and actually get out of the house for a while—particularly if you have kids? Take this map and venture forth.

A map to a small selection of Portland’s neighborhood curiosities.
A map to a small selection of Portland’s neighborhood curiosities.

Tiny Creature Swap

2802 NE 21st Ave.

It's like a "give a penny, take a penny," except with figurines: Think McDonald's toys, plastic dinosaurs, the occasional Minion, etc.

The Riddle House

2636 SW Talbot Road

A family has spent quarantine posting a new handwritten riddle each day outside its home, giving pedestrians in the Southwest Hills something to chew on while on a jog or power walk.

Toy Library

Northeast 27th Avenue and Wygant Street

Six shelves of toys free for the taking, but don't expect to find a Nintendo Switch—it's mostly for the toddler set.

Portland Gnome Trees

Fernhill Park, 6010 NE 37th Ave.

Of course there are gnomes in Portland—who else is going to ride all those toy horses? Tiny doors fashioned in the nooks of a select few trees hide goodie bags filled with small treasures.

Car Library

Northeast 20th Avenue and Fremont Street

A display of toy cars from the neighborhood, with one given pride of place as Car of the Month.

Wishing Tree I

2954 NE 7th Ave.

For eight years, this horse chestnut tree has welcomed passersby to Sharpie their hopes and dreams on blank tags and affix them to its branches.

Wishing Tree II

Northeast 20th Avenue and Fremont Street

The one on 7th is the original, but the idea is spreading. Don't let the name fool you, though: This one isn't a literal tree but a 5-by-6-foot metal rack.