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Chuck D of Public Enemy Might Be the Biggest Blazer Fan Outside Portland

Yo @trailblazers @Dame_Lillard @CJMcCollum are like Green Hornet and Kato of the @nba #assassins.”

Game, they say, recognizes game—and, as the author of the song "He Got Game," rapper Chuck D is more qualified to speak on the subject than most.

So believe him when he tweets: "Yo @trailblazers @Dame_Lillard @CJMcCollum are like Green Hornet and Kato of the @nba #assassins."

Although he's famously from New York, the legendary Public Enemy frontman might be the biggest Blazers booster outside Portland (Charles Barkley's yearly bandwagoning notwithstanding). He's been voicing his support for years, mostly on social media.

He's referred to Damian Lillard as "the most lethal player" in the NBA. When the Blazers improbably advanced to the Western Conference finals in 2019, he picked them to upset the dynastic Warriors. (It's the thought that counts, not the accuracy.) And he was advocating for Carmelo Anthony to sign with Portland long before he actually did. "[I]t was a no brainer move," he wrote after the fact.

He's been vociferous enough in his admiration that some began to wonder if he'd forsaken his forever-dysfunctional hometown team. "I'm a @nyknicks fan but admire the franchise the team and that dynamic backcourt of @Dame_Lillard @CJMcCollum," he tweeted. He added, "I always had good fanatic folk support in the city and state."

With three-fifths of the starting lineup hobbled, the Blazers are currently fighting to stay in the playoff picture. But as the man himself might say: It takes millions of injuries to hold them back. That's a freebie, Chuck.

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