The Portland Beer Scene Is Continuing to Expand in 2021

A sudden, multiple-countywide expansion? Now that’s what you call a damn miracle.

After a year when most everybody feared Portland's acclaimed beer industry would crumble under the burden of COVID-19 restrictions and below-normal sales, perhaps the last thing you would expect to happen next is a growth spurt. Rather than retract, however, a robust number of metro-area breweries plan to open second and third locations in 2021—the most ambitious of them is scheduled to launch spinoffs 4, 5 and 6 all before we enter another calendar year. A sudden, multiple-countywide expansion? Now that's what you call a damn miracle.

Breakside Brewery

Year founded: 2010

Breakside Winebeergo at Collective Oregon Eateries, 3612 SE 82nd Ave.

Estimated opening date: Late winter to early spring

Breakside Beaverton Beer Garden, Southwest Angel Avenue between Farmington Road and 1st Street.

Estimated opening date: June

Breakside Lake Oswego at the Windward Apartments, A Avenue and 1st Street.

Estimated opening date: TBD

Loyal Legion

Year founded: 2015

Loyal Legion Old Town Beaverton, 4500 SW Watson Ave.

Estimated opening date: July 4

MadCow Brewing

Year founded: 2017

MadCow Tap Room, 686 NW Eastman Parkway, Gresham.

Estimated opening date: Early spring

Migration Brewing

Year founded: 2010

Migration in the former Hopworks Pub and Beergarden space, 3947 N Williams Ave.

Estimated opening date: March.

Stickmen Brewing

Year opened: 2013

Stickmen Cedar Mill, Northwest 118th Avenue and Cedar Falls Drive.

Estimated opening date: Fall

Upright Brewing

Year founded: 2009

Upright in the former Stingray Cafe space, 240 N Broadway.

Estimated opening date: Late winter

Upright satellite taproom, 7151 NE Prescott St.

Estimated opening date: TBD

Von Ebert Brewing

Year founded: 2018

11800 NW Cedar Falls Drive, Suite 110.

Estimated opening date: TBD, but the boar's head is already mounted.

10111 NE Cascades Parkway.

Estimated opening date: TBD

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