Why celebrate a loved one with cake and candles when you could flock them instead?

That’s what Wendy Edelson and Robin Posen wondered when they created Think Pink Flamingo Flocking, a company whose sole service is to flood lawns with pink plastic flamingos.

Every evening at nightfall, bird-stuffed vans set out across the greater Portland and Vancouver, Wash., area. When they arrive at their targets—the homes of graduates, expecting parents, birthday boys and girls, retirees, or just anyone in need of a smile—the drivers silently stake flamingos in the front yard.

Fifteen years ago, with the combined goal of making people happy and raising money for their kids’ high school sports programs, Posen and Edelson purchased their inaugural flock of 25 flamingos from Fred Meyer. Now, they care for more than 1,200. On any given day, the plastic birds are spread across up to 24 unsuspecting front yards.

If you want to surprise a loved one with a flood of pink, rates start at $55 for a flock of 25 birds that will remain at your recipient’s house for “two sleeps.” That includes on-theme decorations for the birds themselves—think party hats and boas—and a laminated, fully customizable sign. Price and flock size goes up from there, and Think Pink doesn’t shy away from big jobs. They once flocked the Oregon Zoo with 800 flamingos when the zoo welcomed a new, actual live flock to its ranks.

Edelson and Posen are overjoyed that demand remains for this unique experience.

“The only bad part,” Posen says, “is we don’t get to see the peoples’ faces when they open the front door.”