This Week in Photos 11.24.21

Kwanzaa on Killingsworth is a pop-up market coordinated by PSU professor Darrell Grant to showcase local Black artists, artisans, businesses, performers and other other important figures from the community.

As part of the Soul Restoration Project residency at 14 NE Killingsworth St.—a storefront that was famously once a feminist bookstore called In Other Words—Portland State University professor Darrell Grant collaborated with community members to plan a pop-up market: Kwanzaa on Killingsworth. Not satisfied merely to sell artwork and artisan goods, the day also hosted a performance by blues and gospel singer LaRhonda Steele and conversation between visual artist Bobby Fouther and author D’Norgia Taylor-Price. There’s still one more chance to take part in the fun and buy local goods from Black creators and businesses: The last Kwanzaa on Killingsworth of 2021 is open from noon to 5 pm Sunday, Dec. 19.