No. 3 Because Portland Is Still No. 1 in Semi-Factual Superlatives

We’re the No. 1 best city for pumpkin lovers and the No. 13 best city for witches!

No. 1 Foodie City in America (WalletHub, October 2021)

No. 1 Best City for Pumpkin Lovers (LawnStarter, October 2021)

No. 1 Best Coffee City in America (WalletHub, September 2021)

No. 1 Best City for Vegans and Vegetarians (WalletHub, September 2021)

No. 2 Highest Number of Dog Parks Per Capita (OneVet, January 2022)

No. 2 Most Bikeable City (Bicycling, July 2021)

No. 3 Street Art Hot Spot in America (Singulart, August, 2021)

No. 3 Best City for Singles (WalletHub, November 2021)

No. 3 Greenest City in America (WalletHub, October 2021)

No. 4 Most Charitable State (WalletHub, November 2021)

No. 5 Best U.S. City for Fitness Pups (OneVet, January 2022)

No. 9 Best City for Beer Drinkers (SmartAsset, December 2021)

No. 9 Fittest City in America (American Fitness Index, July 2021)

No. 9 Best Place to Live (U.S. News & World Report, 2021)

No. 10 Best State for Remote Work (WalletHub, April 201)

No. 13 Most Fun City in America (WalletHub, December 2021)

No. 13 Best City for Witches (WalletHub, October 2021)

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